Sweet Savage Family

Sweet Savage Family is a Korean television show that centers on Yoon Tao-Soon who struggles to maintain his role in his family as a loving husband and father while living a double life as a mobster. In an attempt to gain the love and respect of his adult children, he attempts to make his illegal construction company legal. The only problem is that this triggers further obstacles with the leader of his rival mob.

Yoon Tao-Soon may be in an illegal business but throughout the show, it is clear that his family, and not the mob is his top priority. Ironically, Sweet Savage Family is considered to be a comedy. It is an attempt to look at something sinister and simultaneously noble with a lighter heart. At first glance, it may seem to be an impossible feat but the directing staff behind Sweet Savage Family has clearly managed to pull it off.

Wednesday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
November 18, 2015
Comedy, Drama, Family, Korean Drama
Cast: Min-cheol Choi

Sweet Savage Family Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Tae Soo's moral fiber is challenged. Madam Oh and Chairman Baek go for an important walk. Producer Lee and Director Bong are on the run from the Baek's. The fight for Manbok Market reaches its pinnacle, with the help of Sung Min.

  • Tae Soo and Eun Ok are doing everything they can start their lives fresh. A new Choong Shim real estate venture causes serious problems. The chairman has an issue and sends Gi Bum and Madam Oh into complete disarray.

  • The chairman makes a shocking discovery. A full family dinner swings things in Gi Bum's favor. Tae Soo and Eun Ok are pulling out all the stops to try to start a family business.

  • Tae Soo is working odd jobs to try to make ends meet, to Eun Ok's displeasure. Gi Bum and Chairman Baek scramble to find Tae Soo's hidden treasure, the pen holding recordings of the Baek's dirtiest secrets.

  • With Tae Soo suddenly gaining leverage over the chairman, Chairman Baek decides to deploy some of Tae Soo's former underlings to spy on him. Sung Ming prepares for his Christmas concert and plans on surprising his girlfriend.

  • The chairman has backed the Yoons into a corner, and Tae Soo needs to figure out how to save his family. Officer Seo turns out to be far from what was expected. A mysterious man follows Sung Min and questions him about his girlfriend.

  • A special guest joins the director and Madam Oh to judge the applicants, as The One Heart women prepare to audition. Gi Bum and Tae Soo find themselves in trouble with the man who just won't die.

  • The chairman continues to fight against Gi Bum's plan to reunite with Do Kyung, this time by reassigning captaincy over the film to Tae Soo. Cho is revived, and no one knows what to do with him.

  • Sung Min accepts the truth and continues to fall in love.The chairman makes a bold request of Tae Soo. Gi Bum is pulling out all the stops to get back his wife and daughter. Officer Seo complicates things for Gi Bum and Tae Soo.

  • A unexpected drunken twist breaks the Director's writers block and helps him with script. Sung Min finds out the truth about his family.

  • Tae Soo can't figure out which to tackle first, family issues or work issues. Eun Ok runs against her nemesis for chairwomanship of One Heart. Sung Min embraces his ultimatum with a counteroffer.

  • The body is missing, and Gi Bum becomes possessed, shocking those surrounding him. Tae Soo and Eun Ok deal with everyone they know plotting against them. Sung Min falls in love, against Eun Ok's will.

  • Just as Tae Soo and his wife think the worst is behind them, Mr. Son's mother comes to town and uses all of her shaman powers to locate her son's body.

  • Left to deal with Mr. Son's body in his trunk, Tae Soo and his wife end up becoming local heroes in a twist of fate. Gi Bum tries to plot more ways to make Tae Soo look bad in front of his father.

  • Tae Soo is scrambling to find Mr. Son, while the chairman's son uses his spiteful tricks to make Tae Soo run in circles.

  • Family man by day and gangster by night, Tae Soo looks for a way to help his boss legitimize their underground business.