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Min Gi-seo is an arrogant doctor and surgeon whose girlfriend Ji-Min is dying of cancer. Gi-seo performs a surgery to help improve her condition but she dies on the table. Ji-min did tell Gi-seo about the bad blood transfusion she performed. After Ji-Min's death, Gi-seo had spent time researching and did find that while Ji-min was an intern working in the medical field she had given a little girl an HIV blood transfusion. Ji-min never claimed it was her who made that transfusion. Gi-seo found the little girl, Bom, to tell her and her family the news of what had happened.

Young-shin was a single mother who now found her days harder while treating her sick daughter. Choi Seok-hyun was a man that Young-shin knew in her past and had been currently running into her on purpose just to see her. Seok-hyun starts to realize that he still has some feelings for her. Gi-seo is trying to help Young-shin out with watching and keeping an eye on Bom. Slowly Gi-seo finds himself falling in love with Young-shin.

9:55 pm et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 21, 2007
Cast: Hyuk Jang
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Thank You Full Episode Guide

  • After grandfather's funeral, Young Shin tries to leave the island, but the other residents, moved by grandfather's last act of kindness, and Ki Seo stop her from doing so.

  • Young Shin and Ki Seo bond while visiting patients that live far from town, and he finally apologizes to Young Shin on behalf of his girlfriend.

  • Seok Hyun's mother is faced with a truth she has long been avoiding. Ki Seo admits his love for Young Shin while caring for her in the hospital.

  • An accident puts Young Shin in the hospital, and Ki Seo and the nurse take great efforts in convincing the other residents to help save her life.

  • Ki Seo takes his place as a protector of Young Shin and Bom, irking the other stubborn residents even more. Eun Hae confronts Seok Hyun about his feelings for Young Shin.

  • Seok Hyun chooses to stay in Seoul, letting Ki Seo bring Bom home. While some of the residents pity Bom and the grandfather, others are still reluctant to accept them.

  • After discovering she has AIDS, Bom runs away and encounters Seok Hyun in Seoul. Ki Seo assists a sickly Young Shin in the search for Bom.

  • Chaos and alienation from the other residents force Young Shin to make the painful decision to move the family to Seoul.

  • A patient dies under Ki Seo's hands, which gets him arrested. The grandfather reveals the secret that could ostracize Young Shin and Bom from the island.

  • Young Shin and Ki Seo fight off their gorwing attraction for each other. Seok Hyun's fiancee, Eun Hae, bonds with Bom and the grandfather.

  • Young Shin goes on a blind date so that Bom can have a father. Ki Seo keeps up a bickering relationship with Young Shin.

  • Seok Hyun and Ki Seo get involved in a fist fight for the sake of getting land for a business venture. Ki Seo decides to stay at Young Shin's place permanently, much to the delight of Bom.

  • Ki Seo finds out that Bom is the girl his girlfriend wanted to apologize to. Seok Hyun asks Young Shin about the identity of Bom's father.

  • Ki Seo becomes a sensation in the small town after saving a life, but all he wants is his girlfriend's toy bear back.

  • Unable to control his anger over his girlfriend's death, Ki Seo is fired from his position in the hospital, and he joins Seok Hyun in a business venture on Blue Island.

  • Lee Young Shin struggles to make ends meet while caring for her sick grandfather and young Bom. Min Ki Seo discovers the secret that his girlfriend has been hiding from him.

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