The Best Hit

In this drama series, the quest for pop stardom takes center stage. One character is already an established pop star, and another has dreams of being an idol one day. The choices that these young fame-hungry people make will determine how their lives play out.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
June 2, 2017
Cast: Tae-hyun Cha

The Best Hit Full Episode Guide

  • Jay-B debut, and Woo Seung gets a new job supporting them. Hyun Jae makes a difficult decision.

  • Hyun Jae wakes up back where he started, but in a different time.

  • Soon Tae's illness begins to accelerate, and Hyun Jae tries to tie up loose ends.

  • Hyun Jae thinks he might have discovered what sent him into the future. Young Jae has a plan for taking care of MJ.

  • Hyun Jae finds something he has been looking for, and MJ makes alternate plans.

  • Woo Seung discovers Hyun Jae's secret, and doesn't know how to handle it. Kwang Jae's funding falls through.

  • Woo Seung moves out of the rooftop apartment, and into a new set of complications. Drill's past is revealed.

  • MJ comes clean, and asks Hyun Jae for a favor.

  • Woo Seung suspects that Hyun Jae is mad at her when he pulls away. Kwang Jae looks for investors.

  • Kwang Jae starts to warm up to the idea of working again. In undoing Woo Seung's mistake, Hyun Jae earns recognition at work.

  • Ji Hoon receives a career opportunity and asks Kwang Jae for help. Hyun Jae tries to convince himself he doesn't like Woo Seung.

  • Young Jae continues to investigate Hyun Jae.

  • Hyun Jae decides to pay Young Jae a visit, while the triangle forming around Woo Seung deepens further.

  • Hyun Jae must come through in a clutch situation that makes him reconsider his feelings for a close friend.

  • Bo Hee makes a surprising decision, and Ji Hoon's part-time job leads to an unsuspected opportunity.

  • Ji Hoon confesses his feelings to Woo Seung. Hyun Jae discovers something surprising in his stash.

  • Bo Hee takes an embarrassing role in a commercial, only to find out she's playing second-fiddle to an old rival.

  • Hyun Jae gets a new part-time job, while trying to figure out where his stash of money from 1993 is located now.

  • Woo Seung tries to get a job at Star Punch, but gets confused for someone else. Ji Hoon begins to question his path.

  • Hyun Jae makes a crash-landing right back into Bo Hee's life.

  • Bo Hee decides, on the anniversary of Hyun Jae's disappearance, that it is time for her to move on.

  • Hyun Jae discovers a link to his past, as Kwang Jae tries to keep him in the dark.

  • Eager to venture outside of his rooftop hideaway, Hyun Jae goes to a mall where he enters a singing competition.

  • Kwang Jae is horrified to learn that Hyun Jae has returned.

  • Woo Seung agrees to help take Hyun Jae to the place his 1994 self was last spotted.

  • The aftermath of examination day for all three of the rooftop tenants hits home.

  • On the day of their respective exams, Woo Seung and Ji Hoon stress out about doing their best.

  • Unsure of what to do, Hyun Jae pretends to have amnesia, and looks for a place to stay.

  • As Hyun Jae starts to come to terms with his new reality, his presence throws Jo Hoon and Woo Seung's lives out of whack.

  • Hyun Jae immediately finds his way into a hospital, and then gets a gigantic surprise.

  • Woo Seung makes an upsetting discovery by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and then meets Ji Hoon under awkward circumstances.

  • 23-year-old Lee Ji Hoon secretly trains to become an idol instead of studying for a job, but starts to wonder if he has what it takes to become famous.