The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

In this fantasy series, a egocentric god comes to modern-day Korea to try to win back his lost throne. He needs the help of a particular woman: a psychiatrist who doesn't believe he is who he thinks he is. The problems get harder to sort out when a couple of rival gods show up, too.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 3, 2017

The Bride of the Water God (Habaek) Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Habaek receives information that sours his last few days with So Ah, and the bad news just keeps on coming. Can the couple manage to find a happy ending?

  • Habaek and So Ah try to enjoy what little time they have left together. Bi Ryeom takes advantage of Moo Ra's fan gifts.

  • The reason for Bi Ryeom's resentment is revealed. So Ah realizes that Hoo Ye is more than just an awkward CEO.

  • Habaek returns to the Human Realm, but he has left something behind. Bi Ryeom's rage begins to boil over.

  • Moo Ra tells So Ah about the last human Habaek loved, and how it ended between them. Habaek decides to return to the Realm of the Gods.

  • Hoo Ye grows more horrified with himself by the day. After arguing with So Ah, Habaek seeks to define their ambiguous relationship.

  • So Ah and Habaek struggle with their feelings for each other, knowing they'll soon reside in different realms yet again.

  • Habaek boldly confronts Hoo Ye upon realizing his true identity, but Moo Ra is afraid of the consequences.

  • So Ah comes face to face with death in the form of a speeding truck. Habaek makes a startling discovery.

  • Habaek tries to sort out where the god stones could be with Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom. So Ah feels frustrated having her life in the gods' hands.

  • Habaek comes up with a hypothesis for what makes his powers work. Bi Ryeom and Moo Ra meet up to figure out their next step.

  • So Ah is left in disbelief after experiencing Habaek's powers, and Habaek is equally surprised to learn that acquiring the god stones presents an even greater challenge than he thought.

  • So Ah worries about her mental health, unable to dispel the voices from her head. Habaek searches for Moo Ra, whom he keeps spotting on electronic devices.

  • So Ah feels conflicted over Habaek's "divine blessing," while Habaek refuses to accept that it may have been ineffective.

  • Water god Habaek must travel to the human world to collect god stones, but things quickly go awry when he meets struggling psychiatrist Yoon So Ah.