The Car Show

"The Car Show" was the American version of British classic "Top Gear." It revolves around a panel of four car guys who also happen to be celebrities. Panelists include Adam Carolla, Dan Niel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning auto writer, former NBA all-star John Sally, and Matt Farah, host and producer of "The Smoking Tire." Episodes feature round-table discussions of classic cars and great auto restoration projects. They often test drive vehicles.

Different episodes also feature guest hosts. Race car driver Jimmie Johnson came on one race cars considered lemons. Brian Johnson, AC/DC lead singer, raced with one of the world's fastest cars against a person on a scooter and pedestrian taking the subway to see who could get across New York City fastest. Another episode features the Batmobile, road tests of the all-electric LEAF, and women trying to learn how to operate stick shifts.

The 15-episode series often centers around a type of vehicle. Muscle cars from the 1960s are featured on an episode along with fastest cars, most efficient, and most luxurious vehicles. The hosts take cars on special driving courses and road trips. They test cars at the Ford Proving Grounds and look at great car collections.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on SPEED
1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 13, 2011
Cast: Pete Brock, Adam Carolla, Jason Castriota, Sierra Collins
The Car Show

The Car Show Full Episode Guide

  • Adam and Matt challenge the BMW M3 against the Boss Mustang Laguna Seca Edition; the world debut of the Mosler Raptor GTR, an American supercar with 838 horsepower, a twin-turbo V-8 that goes 0 to 60 in a claimed 2.3 seconds. Only on SPEED.

  • Adam tries out a new luxury hybrid, the Fisker Karma; Matt drives a diesel powered Mercedes from Mexico to Oregon - on a single tank of gas; comparing MPG on a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, and a Ford GT.

  • Adam, Dan and Matt talk about their favorite muscle cars from the 60s to those of today.

  • For years Mercedes dominated the luxury car market, but then Lexus came and stole the thunder. Now there's a newcomer to the game. Can it "Lexus" Lexus? Matt takes a test drive in Malibu Canyon to find out. Then, we'll show you luxury cars you can afford on a busboy's salary. And stay tuned as Dan and Matt race a Maybach and Bentley Mulsanne with some unusual passengers in the backseats. Only on SPEED.

  • Adam competes in a vintage car race; the new Chevy Volt and a Viper police car; John and Dan jump out of a plane.

  • The hosts take an executive protective driving course; Matt Farah compares the stripped down, ultra light, open-wheeled Aerial Atom to the new import KTM Xbow; Dan drives a 1931 vintage race.

  • Auto blogger Ezra Dyer and Matt race through the rugged terrain of the Ford Proving Grounds; NBA player Zach Randolph talks about his car collection; Adam looks inside people's trunks and glove compartments. Only on SPEED.

  • Dan & Matt race a mini van against a Delorean, and a Camry against a Ferrari; LA's Soap Box Derby; "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin and actor Jerry Ferrara.

  • Matt and Dave Mirra set off on a high speed scavenger hunt through Seattle; Big John drives three little cars; Adam visits the New York Auto Show; guest, designer Chip Foose. Only on SPEED.

  • Join John Salley at the so-called "Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indy 500 as he gets drafted to work for Townsend Bell's race team and finds out driving is only one part of winning. Later, two of the fastest luxury SUVs on the planet will go head to head as Matt Farah and Adam Carolla test these turbo-charged grocery carts on the track, and off-road. Lastly, Matt Farah travels to Monticello, NY to test the new Lamborghini. Special Guest: A Pro-Bowler with over 10,000 yards of rushing, sixtyeight touchdowns and a bad case of car fever, Thomas Jones. Only on SPEED.

  • Adam test drives the original Batmobile; Dan road tests Nissan's electric LEAF; Women learn to drive a stick; Guest IMSA driver Steve Millen.

  • Racing a computer controlled BMW; Dan tries dirt track racing; European vs American sports cars; Guest, designer Pete Brock. Only on SPEED.

  • John Salley reminisces on his first car and how it disappeared in New York.