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In this game show series, alumni of various MTV reality series compete against each other to complete tasks, win prizes and advance toward the overall season championship. Originally featuring alums of MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, the series has expanded to include contestants from shows including the UK's Geordie Shore, Big Brother, Ex on the Beach and The Challenge itself.

34 Seasons, 489 Episodes
June 1, 1998
Action & Adventure, Celebrity & Entertainment, Game Show, Health & Fitness, Mini-Series, Reality, Sports
Cast: T.J. Lavin, Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio, Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello, Cara Maria Sorbello
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  • CT faces challenges during his wedding.

  • CT is planning to marry Lili, the mother of his young son CJ

  • The drama continues in the surprise-packed Part 2 of the Reunion as the Challenge cast reveals behind-the-scenes secrets and the biggest vendetta from the season reaches its Final Reckoning.

  • A reality competition battle across a series of contests for the chance to win money.

  • The Challengers come face to face with their ultimate Final Reckoning as the four remaining teams of Vendettas compete to take home the million dollar prize in a grueling, epic, and completely shocking Final Challenge.

  • Alliances are dissolved as every team fights to earn their way into the finals; Paulie and Cara Maria's season-long flirtation turns into something more; TJ reveals a shocking twist regarding the Final Challenge.

  • The Redemption House erupts when enemies come face to face. A season-long grudge match is finally settled when two power-house teams must battle for survival. Players compete in the "Rolling Thunder" challenge.

  • Rumors and gossip become one team's secret weapon when their backs are against the wall. Surprising outcomes at the "Heads Will Roll" challenge have lasting implications on the game.

  • A debaucherous night ends in total chaos as simmering tensions throughout the game finally boil over. The players face off in "Hit List" where their trivia skills are put to the test.

  • Johnny Bananas and Tony struggle with being the odd men out against the Lavender Ladies, and a twist in the Double Cross leads to a surprising redemption.

  • After the results of the last wild elimination, the Lavender Ladies' loyalty is tested. Sylvia head-butts Marie.

  • The Lavender Ladies and Team Young Buck plot to topple Johnny Bananas but it spins wildly out of control, resulting in the most shocking elimination of the season so far.

  • One player is left shook when their partner hurls an unforgivable insult at them; the players find themselves locked up and puzzled at the “Caged In” challenge.

  • Tensions boil over between Cara Maria and the Lavender Ladies, leaving Marie in the middle of her friends and her vendetta partner. At the "Sky Bridge" challenge, the players must rebuild their trust

  • When one team pulls the Double Cross, a player takes politicking to a whole new level when he tries to flirt his way to safety. A disgusting meal awaits the players at the "Dunking for Dinner" challenge.

  • A torturous elimination shocks the players and sends the losers to an angry Redemption House. An unforgettable Double Cross promises to shake up the game.

  • Shane takes shadiness to a whole new level when he stirs up drama in the house and then later on the playing field. Faith is dealt shocking news that changes how she views her tryst with Kyle.

  • Queen Kam devises an elaborate plan that rocks the house and tests her royalty status. TJ proves yet again that he is the dirtiest player in the game when he drops a massive twist that will change the game.

  • Cara Maria learns that Kyle slept with Faith and the fallout leaves everyone shook. Shane tries to manipulate the secret vote to his advantage, but makes a new vendetta in the process.

  • TJ stuns everyone with the return of the Double Cross. The players in the Redemption House have the chance to re-enter the game. Paulie reveals shocking information that will put a relationship to the test.

  • Kyle’s jealousy over Cara Maria’s flirtation with Paulie brings him closer to Faith and threatens to impact the game. Shady Shane’s social media meltdown may leave him targeted for elimination.

  • A competition battle across a series of contests for the chance to win money as contestants endure brutal challenges; devastating elimination rounds; steamy hookups; and bitter rivalries.

  • The Champs and Stars reunite to find out the audience's favorite moments, answer for some trash talk and settle other unfinished business.

  • Three teams remain and battle it out in this epic Champs vs Stars finale!

  • The four remaining teams battle it out for a spot in the final during a beach challenge that mixes speed, puzzle solving and a bit of pop culture.

  • In a challenge designed to purge the weakest of players out of the competition, the players compete to be the last ones standing. Two contestants get into an explosive shouting match when one accuses the other of cheating.

  • Alliances are called into question since the Red and Blue teams are now teams of two, and an underwater challenge proves too much for one team.

  • With even numbers of Champs and Stars on the red squad, the stars orchestrate a plan to take back control of their game. The Miz sends both teams into a spiral with a twist.

  • The teams compete in a life-size game of Jumbo Table Hockey. One contestant tries to sabotage their own team and lose the challenge, while the other team struggles to work together, and end up turning on each other.

  • Tensions rise with one Star out for revenge against the person who sent him to elimination. Meanwhile, one team tries to remain a uniformed front, even though some members of the team actively try to plot against others.

  • One player manages to ruffle feathers with some of the other girls. Meanwhile, a flirtatious relationship develops between a champ and a star.

  • Challenge All-Stars meet a new group of professional athletes and entertainment high rollers for a high stakes competition in the name of charity...and the title of Ultimate Challenge MVP.

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