The Fierce Wife

The Fierce wife is a television show. If is aired at 6. 7 p.m. every Monday by Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The fierce wife is presented by a marriage counselor. The reason behind the birth of this show is because of her numerous experiences that she gathered from her counseling career over the years. The show is mostly about married couples, but lays emphasis on women. She has a lot of following. The greater number of her audience is women. This is because women go through a lot in their marriages. And this, at a larger extend is their own making.

Contributors to the show are mostly couples who come and talk about their experiences in marriage. And encourage other couples who are having a hard time in their marriages on how to handle their problems.

One of the topics I have heard them talk about in the fierce wife show is mutual respect for one another in a marriage. Another one is wife submit to your husband.

Today, many marriages face a lot of challenges because of lack of submission from the women. Wives do not respect their husbands at home. They talk and treat them any way they like. Some women talk to their husband as if they were their children.

The show lays emphasis on the fact that the husband is the head of the house and as such deserve some amount of respect from the wife. That the wife is supposed to be submissive to the husband. Even if she is the bread winner of the family. That mutual love and respect for one another is the key to a successful union.

The show goes out of its way to try and reach out to as many women as possible. You know, some women are domestic tyrants. Immediately they enter their homes the peace is far fetched. The children and their father have no peace. The show condemns such bad attitude.

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1 Season, 23 Episodes
November 4, 2010
Korean Drama
Cast: Sonia Sui, Sheng-hao Wen, Amanda Chu, Karen Ying-Chen Hu

The Fierce Wife Full Episode Guide

  • The grand finale, will An Zhen get back together with Rui Fan or choose to start anew with Lan Tian Wei?

  • After all that's happened Wei En, Rui Fan and Tian Wei all come to realize something new about themselves and makes life changing decisions.

  • The soft-hearted An Zhen can't bear to see Rui Fan down and out. She clears his credit card debts and ask Tian Wei to help Rui Fan find work. But Tian Wei is furious and questions An Zhen if she still have feelings for Rui Fan.

  • An Zhen is harassed by paparazzi when Wei En misleads the tabloids to believe An Zhen was the one to have an affair first. Wei En's actions further places An Zhen's daughter Meng in jeopardy as Wei En's mental health becomes increasingly unstable.

  • An Zhen is invited to appear on a cooking show and becomes an instant hit.

  • Rui Fan is having a hard time looking for a new job. He is shocked to see An Zhen transformed and very concerned about her relationship with Lan Tian Wei.

  • Xie An Zhen undergoes boot camp training to transform herself under the guidance of Lan Tian Wei in an effort to win her husband back.

  • Xie An Zhen's life falls into a mess after signing the divorce papers. Her family and friends tries to get her back on her feet and start a new life.

  • He Ai Lin is scheming to use Wen Rui Fan's affair against him in the race for Deputy General Manager position. Wei En makes a preemptive move but gets burned herself.

  • An Zhen is grasping on to her marriage by her fingertips. While her life is on the edge of breakdown at home, she finds strength and fulfillment at work.

  • An Zhen and Rui Fan's wedding anniversary day is here, but Rui Fan's affair puts a damper on the celebrations.

  • An Zhen's work as a car sales representative seems to be much harder than she expected. Rui Xuan begins to question Kang De's fidelity.

  • Wei En asks Rui Fan to take her on a trip as a parting gift.

  • An Zhen takes her mind off things by going to work as a car sales representative. But her suspicions of Rui Fan's infidelity grows when she discovers cat hair on him.

  • When Wei En leaves the house, Rui Fan's mood begins to change. In an attempt to save her marriage, An Zhen tries to understand who Rui Fan really is.

  • Wei En's constant doubts of Rui Fan's love for her takes a toll on him and his marriage.

  • An Zhen visits several quack fortune tellers to calm her doubts about her husband, but her worst fears are confirmed when Rui Fan goes on a business trip with He Ai Lin.

  • When Rui Fan's style changes without warning, even An Zhen begins to doubt her husband's honesty.

  • Rui Fan attempts to keep his affair a secret, but observant friends begin to suspect something is afoot.

  • Wei En and Rui Fan struggle with their feelings for each other as they work closely together in the office.

  • As she purchases a counterfeit antiques vase for her husband's party, An Zhen meets Tian Wei, a cold-hearted, rich salesman.

  • An Zhen continues to try to help set Wei En's life on track. Wei En starts her job at Rui Fan's company. Rui Fan is puzzled and intrigued by Wei En.

  • An Zhen strives to be the perfect housewife to Rui Fan. They live simply but happy. Rui Xuan is Rui Fan's younger sister and has a tumultuous marriage to Kang De. They meet An Zhen's younger cousin today.