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This is television series in South Korean, this series is known as a romantic horror comedy that Hong Sisters wrote. These television series has three other known names, which includes; The Sun of My Master, the Sun of the Lord, and Mr. Joo?s Miss Tae. This television series is directed by Jin Hyuk and is in the language of Korean.

The plot of this television series is that a greedy and selfish individual known as Joo Jong won is a CEO in a kingdom. Joo Jong ends up meeting an individual who started to see ghost after a certain accident, this individual goes by Tae Gong-shil. Once Joo Jong meets Tae Gong-sil their lives turn completely around, they come together to handle the horror and sadness the spirits bring them.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
August 7, 2013
Korean Drama
Cast: Hyo-Jin Kong, Ji-seob So, In-Guk Seo, Yoo-Ri Kim
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The Master's Sun Full Episode Guide

  • The child ghost Woo Jin, rematerializes and begs Gong Sil to save his mother.

  • Gong Sil meets someone from her past, meanwhile Yi Ryung finally gets her dinner date with Kang Woo.

  • Gong Sil starts her new job helping the ghost matchmaker, meanwhile Secretary Kim is back in Korea.

  • Gong Sil asks the ghost matchmaker to help her find a way to save Joong Won.

  • Gong Sil finds the lost ghost child.

  • Gong Sill meets the ghost of Giant Mall's chairman while in attendance at his funeral with Joong Won.

  • Gong Sil warns Joong Won's aunt that an evil spirit is lurking in Joong Won's engagement present.

  • Joong Won saves Gong Sil when a piantist's dead wife takes over her body.

  • Joong Won finds out the real reason Kang Woo began to work for him.

  • Secretary Kim gets sick so Gong Sil has to step in as Joong Won's secretary for the day.

  • As Gong Sil gets nearer to Kang Woo, however she worries that he'll distance himself if he finds out that she can see ghosts.

  • A ghost matchmaker warns Gong Sil to be wary of ghosts who might want to use her to return to the living.

  • Gong Sil stumbles upon a shoe that belongs to the dead wife of one of the shop owners in Kingdom.

  • A rumor circulates that the fountain inside of Kingdom's mall is haunted by a female ghost.

  • One dark stormy night, Tae Gong Sil meets Joo Joong Won when she hitchkikes his car.

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