The Time in Between

The Time in Between is a TV series that portrays love betrayal; a story in which a man and a woman falls in love, the girlfriend later broke the relationship and goes to another man. In her new relationship the two escape into another country where she believed life will be better, far away from her ex-lover.

Days go by and she gets pregnant, they later run out of money that led to a lot of misunderstandings. The relationship comes to an end, the boyfriend leaves her new fianc

1 Season, 17 Episodes
October 21, 2013
Action & Adventure, Drama, Latino
Cast: Joon-Gi Lee, Sang-mi Nam, Kyung-ho Jung, Jae-Sung Choi

The Time in Between Full Episode Guide

  • The British have obtained a microfilm belonging to the Germans that they desperately want back, but the Germans have captured something even more precious to the Brits--Sira.

  • Manuel begins to question Sira's intentions, and she ends up on the run.

  • Sira finds an in to obtain information on Manuel Da Silva, but these secret meetings become more and more dangerous.

  • Sira wants to find a way to fix things after the failure at the dinner party.

  • Sira gets more tied up in secretive personal matters, while also preparing to attend an important debutante ball for her client.

  • Someone from Sira's past comes to see her, and she's shaken up.

  • Sira gets a new name, and gets ready to set up her new operation back in Madrid.

  • Sira tries to delay a customer while Marcus breaks into a safe. Major changes and decisions are ahead for Marcus, Rosalinda, and eventually Sira.

  • Sira's mother is on her way to Morocco, and Rosalinda's husband is coming to town.

  • Sira hears more news of Ramiro and makes friends with an influential woman who may be able to help her.

  • Will Sira and Candelaria's new clothing studio take off? And could the man who disgraced Sira be right around the corner?

  • Sira struggles beneath the weight of heartbreak in a foreign, war-torn town. When she stumbles across an opportunity that may take her back home, will her hopes pan out?

  • Sira and Ramiro arrive in Morocco and discover a different world, but they soon start arguing.

  • A young seamstress rises to become an elite fashion designer during the Spanish Civil War, and assists the British Secret Service by embroidering coded messages in the seams of her dresses.

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