The Woman Who Married Three Times

The Woman Who Married 3 Times is a Korean drama that focus on two grown sisters as they balance career, dating, and their overbearing mother. In the series the Hyun Soo and Enu Soo have to deal with their mothers constant criticism. This is evident in many of the series' episodes.

Another thing the series capture is the modern woman; Hyun is married to her career and commitment phobia boyfriend while Enu has set out to reclaim her life after her divorce.

An important theme in this series is the generation divide; in Hyun and Enu motheres heyday, divorce was a last resort and most woman were married with kids when they were Hyun and Enu's age.

Sunday & Saturday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 40 Episodes
November 9, 2013
Family, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Lee Ji-ah

The Woman Who Married Three Times Full Episode Guide

  • Will Eun Soo be able to move on after letting go of her baby?

  • Eun Soo tells Hyun Soo her decision to allow Joon Goo's family to raise her son.

  • Chae Rins asks Seul Gi for forgiveness and begs her to help with her marriage.

  • After nights of drinking, Chae Rin gets an upset stomach and Tae Won has to take her to the hospital.

  • After hearing from Seul Gi that Eun Soo is getting a divorce, Chae Rin starts to rage again.

  • Chae Rin gets drunk and passes out in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Eun Soo and Seul Gi move into a new apartment.

  • Seul Gi calls her mother and begs Eun Soo to take her back to her grandparents' place.

  • Eun Soo starts to relax again now that she's living at her parents' place. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo tries to get along with Kwang Mo's mother.

  • Eun Soo's mother-in-law tries to convince Eun Soo to forgive her son one more time. Meanwhile, Chae Rin continues to act out in the Jung household

  • Chae Rin throws a fit after catching Seul Gi listening to her mother's recording. Meanwhile, Da Mi stirs up trouble for Joon Goo.

  • Out of guilt, Joon Goo tries to act thoughtful towards Eun Soo. Meanwhile, Da Mi continues to call Joon Goo and tells him that she misses him.

  • Chae Rin stirs up more trouble in the Jung household by badmouthing the maid. Meanwhile, Kwang Mo continues to persuade Hyun Soo to marry him.

  • Hyun Soo insists she doesn't want to marry, Eun Soo seems to be miss Tae Won.

  • Kwang Mo tells his mother he wants to marry Hyun Soo. Meanwhile, Chae Rin is stirring up more trouble in the Jung household.

  • Eun Soo comes to find out that she's pregnant. Hyun Soo is discovering that it is more difficult to hide her relationship with Kwang Mo from Joo Ha.

  • Tae Won and Chae Rin gets into an argument when Chae Rin tries to disencourage Tae Won from sending Seul Gi to her grandparents' place for her grandfather's birthday.

  • Tae Won firmly put his foot down and tells his mother that he is allowing Seul Gi to visit her grandparents.

  • Chae Rin believes that Seul Gi is telling her father that she's mistreating her and attempts to reprimand her.

  • Joon Goo tries to avoid Lee Da Mi whilst her company retracts her retirement and leaks her affair.

  • Eun Soo decides to return to the Kim household. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo's heart is melting toward Kwang Mo.

  • Joon Goo continues to beg Eun Soo for forgiveness. Meanwhile, tension is rising in the Jung household.

  • Eun Soo goes to meet Lee Da Mi, meanwhile Kwang Mo confesses his love to Hyun Soo.

  • Eun Soo is shocked when she learns about Joon Goo's relationship with Lee Da Mi.

  • Tae Won gets upset when he learns that Seul Gi's waiting outside in the cold for Chae Rin.

  • Tae Won reluctantly agrees to marry Chae Rin after his mother caused a racket at Eun Soo's in-law's house.

  • Tae Won's mother insists that Tae Won marry Chae Rin. Meanwhile, Eun Soo goes to visit the OBGYN.

  • Chae Rin shows her true colors when she's rejected by Tae Won. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo goes on a blind date.

  • Tae Won has second thoughts about Chae Rin. Joon Ha and Kwang Mo are on friendly terms again.

  • Eun Soo agrees to allow Seul Gi to live with her father. Joon Ha and Kwang Mo take a "good-bye trip" together.

  • Seul Gi tells her mom that she has more fun being with her father. Meanwhile, Joon Goo's ex-lover overdoses on pills.

  • Joon Ha meets the two other women dumped by Kwang Mo. Meanwhile, Kwang Mo tells Hyun Soo that he doesn't see her as a woman.

  • Eun Soo decides to take Seul Gi on vacation. Meanwhile, Joon Goo meets his ex-lover.

  • Tae Won discovers that his mother visited Eun Soo's grandma. Kwang Mo is constantly around Hyun Soo's place.

  • Seul Gi desires to go live with her father. Hyun Soo is torn between her loyalty to Joon Ha and Kwang Mo.

  • Tae Won's mother is pushing Tae Won to remarry, meanwhile Seul Gi feels abandoned by her mother.

  • Eun Soo is trying to get used to her new marriage, meanwhile Kwang Mo runs away his wedding.