The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry

Three very different South Korean women in their 30s are anxious to find love, but the road to romance is fraught with complications. One is a journalist, one is a translator and one is a restaurant consultant. The first is torn between two potential beaus, while the second is desperate to marry within a year but is afraid she won't find any prospects. The third has had it with love, but there is still the nagging thought that maybe there could be somebody out there for her after all. Could each of these women be headed for a happy ending?

1 Season, 16 Episodes
January 20, 2010
Cast: Hye-Kyeong Ahn

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry Full Episode Guide

  • Da Jung and Ban Seok work on their marriage. Shin Young's decision takes a toll on Min Jae.

  • Sang Mi gets a taste of her own medicine when she meets Sang Woo's mother. Shin Young receives an overseas offer that threatens her relationship with Min Jae.

  • Complications arise with Shin Young and Min Jae's new living arrangements.

  • Da Jung and Ban Seok's honeymoon goes awry. Min Jae has to deal with his conflicted feelings towards his mother's new boyfriend.

  • Everyone's relationships are revealed at Da Jung and Ban Seok's wedding.

  • Sang Mi wants Shin Young and Min Jae to break up, while Da Jung and Ban Seok come up with a plan to win over his father.

  • Sang Woo falls more deeply in love with Sang Mi. Da Jung celebrates a birthday full of awkward and embarrassing moments.

  • Shin Young and Min Jae begin their "ten day relationship."

  • Shin Young proposes to Sang Woo that they both get back together. Sang Mi rents out her son's apartment to none other than Sang Woo.

  • Boo Ki introduces the girls to Sang Mi, who quickly disapproves of Shin Young. Da Jung finds out something about Min Jae that quickly shatters Shin Young's dream.

  • Ban Seok meets the girl of his dreams - in the form of Da Jung.

  • Shin Young battles workplace politics with Min Jae's help, while Boo Ki confronts the wife of the man she's dating.

  • Min Jae makes a bet with Ban Seok that he can win over Shin Young and get her to date him.

  • The three friends visit a love guru in the hopes of breaking their string of bad luck with men.

  • Stressed at work, Shin Young aggravates young musician Min Jae and paralyzes her own face, forcing her to seek out Ban Seok, an acupuncturist.

  • Best friends Shin Young and Boo Ki are having trouble with their love lives. Da Jung, a former classmate, joins them as they try to conquer single-hood.