Tree With Deep Roots

This historical drama is based on the novel by Korean author Lee Jung-myung. It follows a royal guard who works to uncover the secret of a series of murders in the palace. At the same time, the king is at work developing a written alphabet, a controversial project that earns him some powerful and dangerous enemies. The 24-episode series aired on the Seoul Broadcasting System in 2011.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
October 5, 2011
Korean Drama
Cast: Seok-Hwan An, Jin-Woong Cho, Hie-bong Jo, Gi-Bang Kim

Tree With Deep Roots Full Episode Guide

  • The final showdown begins as Jung Gi Joon readies for his assassination attempt against Sejong. So Yi struggles to pass down her knowledge of the Solution.

  • Desperate to know what the Solution is, Jung Gi Joon is willing to give up his position as a leader of Hidden Root in order to bring Sejong down.

  • Hidden Root falls apart as traitors abound. Chae Yun goes on a desperate search to save So Yi.

  • Sent out to the countryside to distribute the letters, So Yi and the other court maidens don't realize the danger lurking at their heels.

  • The death of Gwang Pyung puts Sejong over the brink of sanity, and the bureaucrats fear that he will become a tyrant like his father was.

  • Now that Sejong discovers Ga Ri On's true identity, the stakes are raised when a prince's life is on the line.

  • Chae Yun's mentor makes an appearance, and is immediately recruited by both Hidden Root and Sejong for his help.

  • The furor over an alphabet that will lead to educated peasants leads to a young scholar's suicide.

  • With news leaking of the new alphabet, Sejong wages an intellectual war with the scholars and bureaucrats. Chae Yun becomes a double agent.

  • In the process of saving So Yi, Chae Yun kidnaps the Prince and finds out about King Sejong's secret work.

  • The bureaucrats put greater pressure on the king to reveal his work on the alphabet, but it leads to violent results.

  • The king bids So Yi and Chae Yun the freedom to start over their lies together, but both of them can't forget their paths.

  • The destinies of So Yi and Chae Yun collide as both slowly discover each other's former's identities.

  • King Sejong forms a closer bond with an enemy, and opts for a scientific dissection in the hopes of helping So Yi speak again.

  • Hidden motives are revealed as different officials spring to action at the news of Hidden Root's resurrection. Sejong's mission is revealed.

  • Chae Yun discovers the identity of the assassin as Sejong battles his inner demons, and second guesses his mission.

  • Shim Jong Su gathers up allies for Hidden Root and plots the assassination for one more scholar.

  • Assigned to investigate the recent murders, Chae Yun comes face to face with an assassin with superior skills to match his own.

  • Ddol Bok rises to become a palace officer and changes his name to Kang Chae Yun in an attempt to get close to the king.

  • Sejong and his father engage in a battle of the wits as young Ddol Bok struggles to survive in the Slaves' Quarters.

  • Sejong's small act of defiance leads to a massacre, and an unimaginable request from his father.

  • Taejong, the father of King Sejong, wields his power and authority over his son to execute all his enemies, including Sejong's father-in-law.