When I See You Again

This touching performance of When I See You Again was performed by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. The song is from the soundtrack for "Furious 7". The performance is dedicated to Paul Walker after his tragic death. The car that is featured in the "Furious" movies is on the stage during the performance.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
June 7, 2015
Cast: Jasper Liu, Mandy Wei, Tina Chou, Sara Yu

When I See You Again Full Episode Guide

  • Now that An Xi and Yo Qian are together, can Yan Ze redeem himself and save Pu Lang Village?

  • After confronting CEO Zhou, An Xi realizes she should care for her mother. Yan Ze tries more desperate and dishonest means to get what he wants.

  • Grandpa finds out An Xi's role in Yo Qian's accident. The hostel staff comes to visit Taipei and Mei Wen runs into a lost love.

  • Yo Qian finds out who An Xi's mother is, and trouble arises at work with the Russian Funds project and Yan Ze.

  • An Xi gets drunk and spills her secrets to Yo Qian. Yan Ze, Yong Qing, and the CEO all plot ways to split them up, but start to have second thoughts.

  • An Xi and Yo Qian share a romantic night, but when Jiang Hai Kuo and Yong Qing find out, they team up to find a way to hurt them.

  • Encounters with Jiang Hai Kuo and Yong Qing lead An Xi to learn who Yo Qian really is.

  • In Taipei, Yo Qian shows his An Xi his college and office, however she finds out the most about him from bonding with his Grandpa. After meeting An Xi, the CEO realizes she has a special connection to the Lunar Maria.

  • An Xi and Yo Qian travel to Taipei and learn more about the other's pasts. Yan Ze spends a day with Ya En.

  • Yo Qian and An Xi start their relationship with a little help from their friends.

  • Yo Qian gets jealous when his cousin shows up at the hostel with eyes for An Xi.

  • Yo Qian takes An Xi shopping and declare his intention to pursue her. When he gets home and decides to double his efforts.

  • Yo Qian's girlfriend causes problems at the hostel, but eventually leads him to seriously pursue An Xi.

  • While Drunk and upset about his childhood home, Yo Qian threatens to donate the hostel to the village. When An Xi finds out about this she embarrasses herself in public. The two make up in time for Yo Qian's girlfriends arrival.

  • A visit to Yo Qian's childhood home sheds more light on his teenage heartbreak. The green onion picking competition ends with a different outcome than An Xi would had planned and hoped for.

  • In the ongoing fight for the hostel and An Xi's heart, Jiang Hai Kuo challenges Yo Qian to a green onion picking competition.

  • Still puzzled over his feelings for An Xi, Yo Qian saves her from her marriage to the loan shark, stays at the hostel, and offers her work to help with her debt.

  • You Qian, is an executive who trained himself to read people goes to his hometown, only to run into An Xi, the woman who broke his heart as a teenager.